Give Chip a Chance by Joe Thomas

Eagles coach Chip Kelly is getting it from all sides for the last couple of weeks.  The latest is the Nick Foles to the Rams trade for Sam Bradford.

Granted, it’s a risky move trading for a QB that’s had 2 ACL operations on the same knee the last two seasons.  But I defer to Chip on this.  You see, I think he has a plan and I’m going along with it.  Call him a mad scientist, a quack (The Duck reference), I think he knows what he’s doing.

Back in it’s heyday, WABC Radio was programmed by a guy named Rick Sklar.  He was legendary as was WABC.  Sklar had a sign in his office that read, “The Station is the Star.”  That was a subtle hint to the DJ’s that it was the station that got the ratings and not the jocks.  If one of the DJ’s decided to leave to go to another station, listeners wouldn’t follow him.  The listeners listened to WABC.

I think Chip Kelly operates on “The System is the Star” philosophy.  He can plug different players into the system and achieve the same results, whether that player is a high paid star or not.

No one likes change, I get it, but until Chip falls on his face I say, “Give Chip a Chance.”

My co worker Dave Thackera came up with this little ditty.  It’s really good (and funny too)!  Listen.