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  • My daughter’s high school basketball game was streamed over the internet last evening by John Mendola(Lake Lehman v Wyoming Area). I was wondering if you can purchase a copy of the broadcasts, asuming they are recorded in some fashion. Thank you.

  • Jimmy

    I got two words for the new owners of the Rail Riders: “KEILBASA RACES!”

    • joethomas

      Great idea Jimmy!

  • LinuxGuy

    I hope they watch the footballs now. Maybe someone will put helium in them to get extra range for field goal kicks?

  • Jimmy

    The most impressive Brady stat to me is that he won a Superbowl 10 years after he won it. That’s different era’s. Montana and Bradshaw won within a few years of each other with essentially the same team. Brady to me is the best, no argument. Peyton Manning isn’t in the discussion. Manning is a lot like Marino where the offense becomes too one dimensional.

  • annie

    espn’s 30 for 30 yesterday was an excellent film “on miracles and men” which tells of the 1980 USA men’s ice hockey victory at lake placid FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE SOVIET TEAM. a very interesting film.

  • Can you pls send your webmaster’s email?



  • Mike

    Under Center with McNab and Malone are GREAT, best sports show on radio.
    Most others on your network however sound like interviews for Oprah.
    Last, what’s up with the counting? I only have short time at lunch to check in and you are wasting it on practice? Practice? I mean counting? coutning?

  • why do you have all this counting?

  • Pat

    What is going in with the broadcast on 102.3 in the Scranton, PA area? I usually listen to the morning sports show but all that’s on is someone counting.

  • What gives? No Yankees games! No Game Plan! I miss my fix of L.A. and Joe. Please tell me you are not changing formats again. I KNOW, I KNOW, I have to wait until Friday at 7:00a.m. It will be tough.

  • brian

    why are you people keep playing people counting you made fools out of yourselfs

  • xeno

    This was the worst way a station has ever changed formats. All the new guys have done is ensure I will *never* listen to 102.3 again. Our area has umpteen rock stations. We had *one* sports station. And the counting stunt was the worst.